Wednesday, January 26, 2011

About Us: Financial Planning Malaysia

The Author, Chen Tong

An accountant by profession with many years of experience as senior financial person of listed companies in stockbroking, investment banking and business process outsourcing industries. Today he is leading the finance functions of a listed company and the operations function of one of its subsidiaries.

He loves computer, writing, economics and finance passionately (in the exact order...actually there are more, like history, mathematics, NLP, psychology, etc.) and the combination of this four led to this weblog, Financial Planning Malaysia Dot Com.

This website is produced out of his interest in writing and exploring the use of blog and social media for professional reasons. It is also his hobby to build a website or two to write about things that he is passionate about like investment, stock analysis, property, mountain climbing(!!) and various financial and economics topics. He writes this blog in his spare time (as he does not watch TV despite preferring to stay at home after work).

To say his English is "not very good" is simply a compliment. But he claims his ideas are good enough to compensate it. :-)

The Web Site

FinancialPlanningMalaysia.COM aspires to be the leading personal financial planning blog and portal in Malaysia providing useful, sensible and unconventional personal finance ideas.

At times the ideas and concepts seem quirky, but they are and will always be sensible and logical. If there is anything we want to be, it is to be able to provide ideas and concepts that cannot usually be found in the community.

If you are looking for common views propagated by financial institutions to sell you unit trusts, investment links and insurance, you will not like this blog.

The Blog (Weblog) Concept

Financial Planning Malaysia is actually a combination of blog, directory and tools, organized in such a way that the blog provides financial guides and the directory provide links. For certain discussions or guides, the posts in the blog will lead the readers to the relevant part of the directory for further resources or links.

Therefore it is different from the conventional blog, where the post itself contains short comments and links. Off course, when it is practical to do so we will stick to the conventional wisdom. :-)

We don't pretend to be "Know-It-All". We don't advice and we can make mistakes in our opinion. We don't provide financial services or sell financial products. We produce the web site mainly for the thrill of having a convenient outlet for writing, sharing of knowledge and to build a virtual assets(i). The content of the web site is merely for educational purposes.

The advertisements were feed by Google Adsense. We are not related to the advertisers.

First thing we must learn in handling our money is that we are responsible for our own financial decisions. If you think our opinion is useful, consult your advisors, lawyers, planners, books, etc. before making decisions.